What Is the Orthodox Presbyterian Church?


The term means straight doctrine or right teaching, and is unrelated to the Eastern Orthodox Churches. For us to be orthodox means we strive to be consistent with the truth of the Bible. We confess with the historic Christian church the doctrines expressed in the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Westminster Confession of Faith all of which we believe to be concise summaries of what the Bible teaches.


A Presbyterian church governs its congregation by both teaching elders (the pastors) and ruling elders (mature Christian men in the congregation gifted accordingly). Together they make up the session and join with sessions of other local churches in the denomination, forming a presbytery. We also have deacons, also called ministers of mercy, who are responsible for overseeing ministry to the poor and needy.


The church is the visible gathering of the people of God to worship and receive God's grace through the preaching of the Word and the sacraments.

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